As published February 15, 2021, in the Glendale Independent.

Opinion: Chamber board adds small business owner, fresh voice

Connect. Impact. Prosper. The core principles of the Glendale Chamber of Commerce. Honored, I embark on my term as the newest appointee to the Chamber Board of Directors, these principles my North Star.

Growing up the daughter of a successful small business owner, I understood how critical small businesses are not just to the families who operate them and the community that supports them but also to other small businesses. As a local REALTOR and small business owner myself, I know first-hand that my business’s success depends upon the success of other businesses. I understand the sacrifices and risks taken every day by small business owners and the courage it requires to take those risks every day. And I know that support comes not just from sales but from creating a network of alliances. That the more you know about your community, the better you can serve its needs.

And it’s that knowledge that eventually drew me to join the Glendale Chamber of Commerce. To seek connections with like-minded individuals and to support the local business community. To serve first on their Public Policy Committee, and now also on their Board of Directors. I am excited to join the diverse, talented, and esteemed collection of professionals and bring a fresh voice and my entrepreneurial spirit into the mix. To advocate for Chamber policy that encourages, nurtures, and supports local businesses and the community that supports those businesses.

You may be surprised, as I was, to find that Chamber Membership is not limited to only Glendale businesses. Our membership spans the Valley and reaches all industry segments – even non-profit organizations – to truly connect the business community through networking, mixers, seminars, informational presentations, and personal outreach. Even with the current restrictions, the Chamber continues to provide information, value, and partnership to its members in a way not many Chambers have or can.

But Glendale is not just my business community. It is also where I live and play. It is where I volunteer as the chair of the Community Development Advisory Committee, the vice president of the Citizens Police Academy Alumni of Glendale, and the chair of the Conservation Committee for the GFWC Glendale Woman’s Club. It is where I served last year as vice-chair of the Citizens Bond Election Committee, an advisory committee whose roles included reviews, assessments, and recommendations to the City Council for the bond issues presented to the residents of Glendale.

As I navigate my new adventure, I will be collaborating with my fellow board members to create and enact Chamber policy on a wide variety of issues while facing a wide variety of challenges. All with my eye towards our guiding principles and my heart in the City of Glendale.