Many Of My Clients Ask In Advance If I Will Help Them Prepare Their Home For Sale.

They know me and are familiar with my staging process and results, and perhaps I have even staged and sold a home for them in the past. But when that isn't the case, there are three questions I am frequently asked.

1. What do you charge for your staging services? I don't. If you've listed your home with me to sell, you pay nothing extra for my staging consultation, staging strategy, and the staging I do before the photos are taken for the listing. I want my client's listing to have every advantage in today's market. And I love doing it. 
2. Will I need to rent furniture or decor items? Not typically. I haven't had a situation yet where we haven't been able to stage a home with the Seller's current furniture. I may bring in some new linens or decor items from my stock, but there's no rental fee involved. If a Seller has already sold or moved most of their furniture and would like furniture brought in for staging, that's certainly an option we can explore.
3. Do I have to stage my home? Absolutely not. If you have no interest in staging your home for sale, it is not a requirement. But if you're going to be packing up items anyway, packing them up in advance during the 'pack and purge' phase of the staging strategy will save you time and stress after you've accepted an offer on your home and the clock starts ticking. Often a little decluttering and light strategic furniture moving are all that's needed to take advantage of the added value my staging services provide. Or perhaps we implement some but not all of the strategy suggestions. The choice is always yours.