Flood Irrigation

Are you an urban farmer or looking to become one?  Did you know homes with residential flood irrigation make excellent urban farms? Flood irrigation is the most cost-effective way to deep water your property, flooding yards with 2-3 inches of water each delivery cycle, which penetrates the ground within about three hours.  

You've likely driven through neighborhoods in the valley and seen front yards flooded with water.  That's flood irrigation at work and while not every neighborhood has it, many do. Flood irrigation neighborhoods can be expansive, or consist of only one street.  Most flood irrigation neighborhoods do not have a Home Owner's Association (HOA), and that can be a desirable feature to many home buyers as well.

So when you're relocating, know that flood irrigation can be a great feature to look for in your next home.  And before you find yourself adrift in a flood of listings, give me a call and I'll help you navigate.